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Valuations for Compliance with Federal Gift and Estate Tax Regulations

Whitehawk Advisory specializes in delivering comprehensive valuation services tailored for federal gift and estate tax purposes. When it comes to federal taxation, various types of gifts and estate transfers are subject to scrutiny based on the stringent standards set by the Internal Revenue Service. It is imperative that the values transferred align with the fair market value, a concept defined by the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the guidelines of Revenue Ruling 59-60. This ensures compliance and accuracy in the assessment of federal taxes, safeguarding against potential discrepancies and financial liabilities.

Delivering IRS-Compliant, Defensible Valuation Reports

Our work product meets IRS's stringent requirements, considering tax court decisions, revenue rulings, and IRS Code sections like IRC 2701 and 2702. We ensure our valuations are defensible, objective, and well-researched, helping taxpayers substantiate their gift and estate tax returns. Our goal is to provide a solid, meticulously prepared valuation report that withstands scrutiny and robustly supports the taxpayer's claims.