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Strategic Advisory for Internal Recapitalization

We render independent advisory services to investors and management groups seeking to complete an internal recapitalization in preparation for future financing transactions. We are engaged to provide objective analysis and insight on internal venture rounds and private equity transactions, ensuring our clients receive informed, impartial advice for their strategic financial decisions. Whitehawk Advisory provides fairness opinions, solvency opinions, and scenario analysis for preferred and common shareholders as well as creditors in the context of a potential transaction.


Impartial Insights for Investors and Management

We consider recapitalization advisory services critical for businesses aiming to refine their capital structure, aligning it with strategic goals. We offer comprehensive solutions for internal recapitalization, debt-equity restructuring, and management incentive alignment, ensuring financial robustness and future growth readiness. By focusing on optimizing corporate capital structures, our advisory services play a pivotal role in preparing businesses for significant financial events, such as mergers, acquisitions, or public offerings.