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Descriptive Summary Of The Nature, History, And Background Of The Subject Company (“Company”), Including (But Not Limited To):

  • Number of employees
  • Significant corporate events
  • Management bios, if not on the Company’s website
  • Recent investor deck
  • Management discussion of business performance and trends

Most Recently Amended Version Of Articles Of Incorporation Or LLC Operating Agreement. If Additional Documents Are Needed To Understand The Rights And Preferences Of Existing Shareholders, Please Provide Those Also.

 Audited, Reviewed, Or Compiled Financial Statements And Corresponding Notes For The Two Fiscal Years Most Recently Ended, Including Balance Sheets, Income Statements, And Statement Of Cash Flows.

Monthly Financial Statements For The 12-Month Period Immediately Prior To The Date Of Valuation, Including Balance Sheets, Income Statements, And Statement Of Cash Flows, In As Much Detail As Possible. PLEASE PROVIDE IN EXCEL.

Current Capitalization Table For The Company, Including Detail Of Options And Warrants Outstanding (Including Exercise Prices), By Individual/Entity. – PLEASE PROVIDE IN EXCEL.

Projected Income Statements For Minimum 12 Months Beyond The Valuation Date. – PLEASE PROVIDE IN EXCEL

Summary Of Third-Party Debt Obligations.