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Corporate Development/Acquisition Advisory

Corporate Development Advisory – we assist our clients with defining and executing their non-organic growth strategies.

  • Corporate Development Strategy – Work with management to develop the role of strategic partnerships and acquisitions in the client company’s overall growth strategy.
  • Corporate Development Planning – Consider client’s strategic plan and opportunities in creating a corporate development framework, provide financial and market analysis supporting rationale for acquisition, development or partnership strategy and related return benchmarks.

Acquisition Advisory – we work to identify and execute transactions in concert with our clients' defined acquisition strategies.    

  • Identification and Planning – Collaborate with management to determine acquisition criteria and identify prospective target companies. Gather high level information about target companies to determine fit with acquisition strategy. Utilize feedback from potential targets to determine success probability and further inform strategy.     
  • Analysis and Valuation of Prospective Targets – Utilize initial information to narrow potential candidates for further due diligence. Coordinate efforts with internal team members to analyze targets in comparison to acquisition criteria. Determine target valuation using market-based data as well as internal return benchmarks.
  • Support Internal Communications – Develop financial analyses and presentations enabling client management to effectively communicate the acquisition’s strategic and financial rationale to management, board of directors, and key investors.
  • Transaction Negotiation – Determine best deal structure based on financial, legal and tax considerations, negotiate or assist in negotiating transaction, and work with client’s legal team to progress from LOI to definitive transaction documents.
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